My Story


After 19 years as a teacher, something started to feel wrong. 

I felt tired at school, burnt out, I had gained 30 pounds, and was behind in my grading. 

I felt stuck and awful and wanted to leave teaching. But I also didn't want to leave teaching. 

A trusted friend pointed me to life coaching.

My life coach taught me that I wasn't my thoughts.

She had me look inside my brain and question everything.

It wasn’t easy. It felt strange at first and I was very sceptical. But I practiced. I did the work. I was all in.

And. Everything. Changed.

  • I lost 26 pounds. 
  • I got serious about schedule and created more free time. 
  • After years of being single, I started dating, and met my loving and amazing fiancé, Gary.
  • I felt better about teaching than I had in years. 

Seeing how much this work helped me, I became a life coach and now I only work with educators.

My goal is to help as many teachers as possible. Particularly after a global pandemic has left many of us feeling lost, burnt out, and like we want to leave teaching. 

The three main reasons that teachers seek my work are to create more time and energy, feel better about their health and bodies, and create better relationships, particularly with themselves.


When I'm not coachingI'm often seen snuggling with my black labrador, Max. I love skiing, mountains, laughing with my fiancé, and traveling the world.

I am sunny, warm, and honest. A former triathlete, sailor and marathon runner. My most recent challenge is learning to surf. 

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