What do you do when you no longer know what to do?


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What is an Executive Function Coach?

Executive Function (EF) refers to the skills that help you plan, organize, manage time, and initiate even when you really don't want to.


It's How to get SH*T DONE!


• EF are the skills that help get started on something, block out distractions, and see the big picture.

• Put simply, executive functioning refers to all the  skills you need to break a big project into little parts and make yourself do something when you don't really want to do it. 

• Executive Skills are the skills in the brain you use to get things done. 


"My child just can't seem to turn in their work. No amount of motivation, bribery, threats, or reward seems to work. What do I do?"

What does it cost you when you stay stuck?!




I'm Chrissy Nichols

I work with ANYONE who wants to feel UNSTUCK.

I am an executive function coach who works one-on-one with people who feel behind, stuck, and disengaged.
As a teacher with over 20 years experience in the classroom, I understand that the workload can feel overwhelming.
Between screens, online projects, deadlines and new technology, life is complicated.
What would it be like to:
  • no longer fight with yourself about finishing what you've started?
  • have someone help you or your child manage time or see the "big picture"?
  • improve your relationship with your work & meet deadlines on time? 
  • create a workflow that feels manageable so that you or your child can enjoy the process of getting _____ done?
More About Me

Manage Time

I help clients understand that they can move through assignments, deadlines, and projects with ease. Clients that work with me don't simply "find" time, they choose it.


As an educator and certified life coach, I help students connect and remember who they are: incredibly capable, connected, and self-managing. 


Learn tools to engage in academics, increase your output, and use your time on purpose. 

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She is MAGIC!

"Chrissy has been my coach for everything, not just weight loss. With her I have broken through professional & personal challenges that I didn't think were possible. Hire her."

Georgi | University of Utah Professor



"Chrissy is very positive, a great listener, and skilled at pressing deeper to find your purpose."

Robin | School Administrator



The best thing I have done for myself in years.

"Working with Chrissy helped me understand some of the mental hurdles that were creating barriers for me. After just six weeks, I feel better both physically and mentally."

Abi | Former Professional Skier/ Coach



this coaching has a lot of value for me

"I appreciate Chrissy’s ability to work with my resistance and times I push back. She really holds the space for me to be resistant and yet gently encourages me to grow and choose differently. On our last call when the program was ended, I thought 'I really need this in my life right now and don’t want all the progress to stop'."

Cathi | Certified Social Worker