As a teacher, you want:

I can show you how! Learn to manage your thoughts, so you can find joy in the classroom and fulfillment in your life...even during a pandemic.

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Hi! I'm Chrissy

I've been there, and I can help

Dreaming of quitting teaching?
I thought about it everyday. Until I realized that teaching was not the problem: my thoughts were the problem. 
I learned to question everything. And everything changed.
  • I lost 26 pounds. 
  • I got serious about my schedule and created more free time. 
  • After years of being single, I started dating, and met my amazing fiancé, Gary.
  • I felt better about teaching than I had in years!
More About Me

I Focus on 3 Areas

None of us have ever lived through a global pandemic before. Long-distance and hybrid learning have left many of us exhausted and depleted.

On top of it all, you have your own family to take care of. Who is taking care of you? 

I teach you strategies to find yourself again, to trust yourself again, to learn to love yourself and the classroom again.

Time Power

Stop grading on the weekend & create more time to write that novel, create a side business, or just relax and re-fill the well.

Body Balance

Get back to an exercise/movement practice that feels right for you & creates energy.


Got a challenging colleague or admin? A feisty parent that won’t stop emailing you? Want a better relationship with your family? By using the tools that I teach, you can transform any relationship.

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She is MAGIC!

"Chrissy has been my coach for everything, not just weight loss. With her I have broken through professional & personal challenges that I didn't think were possible. Hire her."

Georgi | University of Utah Professor



"Chrissy is very positive, a great listener, and skilled at pressing deeper to find your purpose."

Robin | School Administrator



The best thing I have done for myself in years.

"Working with Chrissy helped me understand some of the mental hurdles that were creating barriers for me. After just six weeks, I feel better both physically and mentally."

Abi | Former Professional Skier/ Coach



this coaching has a lot of value for me

"I appreciate Chrissy’s ability to work with my resistance and times I push back. She really holds the space for me to be resistant and yet gently encourages me to grow and choose differently. On our last call when the program was ended, I thought 'I really need this in my life right now and don’t want all the progress to stop'."

Cathi | Certified Social Worker