49. Hating school? Be the Sky.



You are VERY important. You are the first responders of our culture. I believe  in you. 

You are a professional..

You are changing lives. 

If Back to school is rough right now, I want to teach you this fast but mighty tool that I use in meditation and that I learned from my meditation teacher and you can use it many times throughout the day at quick intervals.

Imagine yourself zooming out of your school day. Zoom back. 

You’re hanging out with the sky rather than the clouds moving through the sky. 

In meditation, the feelings that come up  and even each breath we take are the clouds. But you remain in the sky.

For you now, at school, step back, zoom out and hang out in the sky. 

Look down on your worries or annoying moments recently about back to school: that unkind word you heard a colleague say, that administrator who seems incompetent, the time you think you don’t have, the forms to fill out, the meetings to attend, mandatory videos to watch, the students you have: they are the clouds.

Simply watch the clouds float by. Just hang out in the sky itself. Let your mind rest in that blue turquoise and all the other school stuff floats by. 

We are hanging out with the sky itself. Watch things come and go, those clouds passing through the sky below you, not getting too interested or focused on it. You are just relaxing into the blue, into the awareness.

You can come back to this practice many times a day.

“Small moments, many times.”


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