33. What Happens in Coaching? A Client Tell-All

Tanya Morsell grew up in Washington DC. She currently teaches kindergarten in Maryland and her superpower is creating a fun and enjoyable kindergarten experience for her students. She loves learning and laughing, all things Peloton, and cherishes spending time alone and with friends. She is married and has a 20 year old daughter at college. In this episode we discuss all of the benefits that Tanya has gotten from coaching as she learns how to trust herself, let go of perfectionistic thinking, and achieve her weight loss goals, one thought at a time. Tanya says that she has really learned how to make life easy.

In This Episode I share:

  • How coaching has created more calm and space in Tanya’s life
  • How coaching has helped Tanya reach her weight loss goals
  • How coaching has given Tanya tools she can use in all areas of her life
  • How one tool (the floor/ceiling tool) has transformed Tanya’s school day


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