30. French Chickens with Perrine Voisin

Perrine Voisin grew up near Chamonix, in France. She has lived in the US since 2008 and has taught Dual French Immersion at the elementary level for 5 years in Park City, Utah.  She was a professional skier, competed internationally and has an academic background in international business and education. Perrine's superpower is connecting with her students by sharing her French background and her culture. She also has amazing work/life balance and in her spare time, she tends to her chickens, her bees, makes her own bread, and pursues her passions for all things mountains.

In This Episode I share:


  • How Perrine balances her school and personal life
  • The challenges of Dual Immersion teaching
  • Why Perrine sees metrics, standardized testing, and scores as obstacles to her teaching
  • How Perrine will use travel and her hobbies to rest and rejuvenate this summer



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