14. Zoo Mom

Today we are going to talk about a tool that will help you deal with that person in your life that might be hard to love: zoo animal them! What is that? When faced with this person, transform yourself into a documentary filmmaker or researcher and get so present that you notice the person in front of you as if they were a rare species or specimen. 

When done in a respectful present way to see the humanity in someone else, to find the rare treasures in another, using this tool to “zoo animal” is a first step to emotional repair and connection. You can even use this kind of curiosity and awe on yourself! What do you notice when you see yourself as a rare species? 

In This Episode I share:

  • How to use this mindset strategy to appreciate the people in your life who push your buttons
  • How putting on your inner scientist to notice someone else will help you stay present to yourself
  • How you can “zoo animal” anyone in your life and keep some emotional neutrality with yourself. 


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