10. High Quality Questions Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of a two part series on how to ask yourself high quality questions. I will explain how to start asking the right questions that will give you the answers to help you steer your school life and personal life in the right direction. Your brain is a powerful piece of machinery that will work for you if you ask it empowering questions.

Whether you are wrapping up the end of your school year or looking ahead to create whatever we want on summer vacation, high quality questions are powerful tools to move us forward and show us what we are thinking. 

In these episodes, I will also help you take control of your thoughts by asking a great question every day. 

In This Episode I share:

  •  Why it’s important to ask ourselves high quality questions
  •  Why the words “I don’t know” block your intuition and wisdom
  •  How one coaching tool, the thought download, can help you answer the question, “What am I thinking?”


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