8. Who's In Charge?

Who’s in charge? You are! In this episode we talk about how it’s so easy to accept the thoughts that our brain gives us and to see them as the truth. I share a powerful story about a client who dreaded going to work and how, through coaching, I helped him choose a more helpful thought that created more determination and ease about going to work. 

In This Episode I Share: 

  • That you are in charge of your thoughts
  • That choosing your thoughts each day gives you all of your power back
  • Powerful questions that you can ask yourself right now to help you choose more helpful thoughts


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More About Teacher Talk with Chrissy Nichols:

Teacher Talk is the podcast for educators like you who are on the brink of burnout, or are already there. It’s your guide to feeling better about being at school and being in your life. Your host, Chrissy Nichols, is a life coach for teachers.  In her weekly episodes, she will give you quick tools, tips, and brain hacks to understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. It’s time to find the joy in teaching again and get back to feeling like the best version of yourself.