3. The Power of Coaching for Teachers with Kelsey Sorenson

As a teacher, you have so much on your plate. Your day is filled with back to back things to do and other people to take care of. As a result of this busyness, we often forget to let ourselves feel the feelings that come up for us and we’re filled with anxiety.

My guest, Kelsey Sorenson, and I want to help you change that. Kelsey is a former teacher and current homeschool mom. She is the founder, owner, and CEO of Wife Teacher Mommy, a company she began in 2014. Kelsey is also the host of Wife Teacher Mommy: The Podcast. One big thing that Kelsey and I have in common is a passion to help teachers overcome burnout and find their joy again. If you are a teacher who is feeling overwhelmed right now, I know that you’ll really enjoy this conversation.