Permission to Suck

May 06, 2020

Really? I can suck?

But really, truly? I’m allowed to show the world that I really don’t have it all together?
Yes. I give you all out there the total permission to suck in the classroom sometimes, to suck at weight loss, to suck in your relationships, and to suck at life. 
Remember, we can never give another human compassion if we don’t give it to ourselves.
Our brains want to protect us , especially that primal part, that fears danger out there from the lions and other predators as our ancient ancestors did. 
Weirdly, sometimes, our perfectionistic way of staying “safe” is: "If I can't do it right (or perfectly), than I might as well not do it at all." 
This perfectionism keeps us stuck, on the couch, watching Netflix, elbow-deep in ice cream and gaining the same 10 or 20 pounds that we’ve always gained and lost. 
Look at how your brain is lying to you, friend. 
Luckily, you have a tool that allows you out of this mess, allows you a window into your thoughts, to be the watcher of them and to see perhaps where your brain is not letting you suck, or in essence, be human: it’s a thought download.
Write everything in your brain down on a piece of paper. Do it for 5 minutes. Free flow and without punctuation. Let yourself suck. And then just see. 
What is up there? I give you permission to suck. I give you permission to be bad at this. I give you permission to fail. But try it and see. 
Go out there this week and suck, my friends. 
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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