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How to Make Any Decision in 4 Steps

How to Make Any Decision in 4 Steps

Mar 30, 2023

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

• Am I staying at my current school? Am I leaving?

• Do I need to do that new online PD?

• Do I like the team that I am teaching with?

• Should I go for that leadership position?

It can be the inky, murky sea filled with scary waves of "What if...?"


And, this is exactly the kind of work I do in coaching:  I teach my clients how to make a decision and care for themselves all the way through the process.

I love showing clients the value of using their FUTURE to leverage their present.

Making decisions when you know that you have a managed mind, feels, well, amazing.

But what about if you feel so overwhelmed that you feel stuck and can... barely... move?

But if you're reading this and need just a nudge to get you started, here are 4 things you can do right now that WORK:

1. NAME IT. IF you can name it, you can tame it. The reason you may be feeling some anxiety or indecision or even panic around a decision is BECAUSE YOU CARE. So simply naming it, out loud for yourself is huge. Trust that what you name is real.

2. WRITE: Writing tells you who you are and what is going on in your unconscious. Let your hand be guided. Ask the Universe, your own Good-Orderly-Direction, or Source to guide you as you write down everything in your head and spill it out onto the page.

3. MOVE. Exercise (or any kind of movement) helps you to get those decision juices flowing. No, you don't need to run a marathon. Yes, walking is enough. The important part here is change your state: MOVE!

4. TALK to a TRUSTED friend or life coach: Notice that I used the word "trusted" here. Please seek out someone who makes you feel the warmest fuzziest way about yourself, someone who champions you, someone you truly trust.

And speaking of trust, please trust yourself. When you ask for your intuition to show up for you, trust it when it does.

Please remember to borrow a phrase from thought leader Marie Forleo: Everything is figureoutable and I believe if you are not going after the leadership position you truly want, the dreams you truly want, you are stealing from everyone.

The teaching world needs your unique gifts. 

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