Can you let school challenges breathe?

Mar 30, 2023


Maybe work has just been challenging this week. 

Perhaps you are tired of holding it all for others.

Or maybe you've just gained the clarity needed to know something is true for you.

Cue fear. Cue resistance. Cue the desire to run away from your life.

To know something for yourself is one thing. To take action on what you want for yourself is another.

Letting the challenges breathe means asking yourself these questions:

- Can you take a moment for yourself?

- Can you let the challenges breathe?

- Can you separate your work from your worth?

- Can you feel the fear that comes from a big decision without losing yourself in the fear?

 Slow down. Get quiet. Take some space.

The world needs the unique gifts that only you bring to the classroom and to your school.  


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