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The Community

      A Space for Parents

The Community is a 5 week (with one bonus week) in-person small group workshop for parents who want to re-connect or stay connected to their kids and to keep communication open with healthy foundations of support & love.

REGISTER at [email protected]

In-Person Group 1: Mondays  Nov.​ 6-December 4


In-Person Group 2: Saturdays Nov.​ 4-December 9

Location: Above Publik Kitchen 931 E 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Cost: $450 per person



  • how to listen deeply to yourself and your child (even the adult ones);
  • how to honor yourself so you can honor your child;
  • emotional regulation for yourself and for them
  • how to stay present even when they shut you out, and when you feel like quitting
  • how to honor your child’s uniqueness & differences 


The Community fosters a relationship between the coaches and client which is founded upon mutual respect and trust. The central focus of the coaching relationship between the coaches and client is the well-being of the client.

As your coaches, Eliza Hill and Chrissy Nichols will support and guide you through this process, yet ultimately this process is a deeply personal and singular one: it belongs to you.

EMAIL "I want in" [email protected]